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  • Himalayan Trust  


    Founded in the 1960s by Sir Ed, the Himalayan Trust works to empower communities and reduce poverty in the Everest region of Nepal.

  • DCM  


    DCM works at the tough end of things. When people have no money, no food and no roof over their heads, they come to us.

  • Our Co-operative needs our help!  

      created on 25 May 2018

    Our aim is to assist Leonie , a fellow Fonterra shareholder , with legal defence costs to protect transparency in our cooperative.

    Raised: $34,885.11

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Just Zilch  


    Just Zilch, our vision is not to let anyone in the community go hungry unnecessarily

  • Shakti Community Council Inc.  


    Shakti Community Council is a non-profit organisation serving migrant and refugee women of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin. Shakt

  • Catalyst Microfranchising  


    We provide the ultra-poor with access to profitable franchise businesses and we measure their cash profit and savings to ensure it works.