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  • The Old Ghost Road  


    In the North West corner of the South Island a 'ghost has been awakened' - and so too has New Zealand's longest continuous single track.....

  • Save Chamberlain Park  

      created on 22 Apr 2017

    To finance a legal challenge and other activities to stop the AELB from cutting Chamberlain Park from 18 holes to 9 holes.

    Raised: $24,957.00

    Goal: $50,000.00

  • Tasman Kayak  

      created on 14 Feb 2018

    The Tasman is a huge challenge in any vessel let alone a 76cm wide kayak solo. We need your help to make it happen.

    Raised: $19,300.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • The Long Way Home  

      created on 08 Mar 2018

    Riding our bikes from Switzerland to New Zealand to support young women in their dream to do something extraordinary

    Raised: $8,384.29

    Goal: $20,000.00