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  • Get ChCh Chicks to Worlds 

      created on 26 Aug 2017

    Christchurch based Women's Ultimate Frisbee is competing at World Championship in Ohio, US. We need your help to get there.

    Raised: $5,570.00

    Goal: $45,000.00

  • The Long Way Home 

      created on 08 Mar 2018

    Riding our bikes from Switzerland to New Zealand to support young women in their dream to do something extraordinary

    Raised: $4,940.00

    Goal: $20,000.00

  • Help Hayley Get To Spain!  

      created on 03 Feb 2018

    Help this kiwi kid achieve her dream of playing hockey for New Zealand.

    Raised: $3,797.25

    Goal: $8,000.00

  • Help get the Falcons to Bingham 

      created on 11 Apr 2018

    NZ Falcons are going to Amsterdam to represent New Zealand in the international gay rugby cup called, Bingham Cup.

    Raised: $3,660.00

    Goal: Open Goal