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  • Casa dei Bambini Foundation School 


    Casa dei Bambini Foundation School (Children’s House) is dedicated to education where the inner potential of each child is nurtured. Our t…

  • Red Raincoat Trust 


    Red Raincoat Trust are a team of people who are passionate about supporting and assisting families of homicide. We believe that when a homi…

  • Ni Hao Children's Community 


    Ni Hao Children's Community is a fun & friendly place for children and their families to learn Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language.

  • Kate Barron Trust  


    Money raisied will go directly towards this amazing womans rehabilitation and other associated costs!

  • Major Arc 


    Major Arc is a documentary trust making 'real good' stories across the Pacific and around the world.

  • Tawhai School 


    Tawhai School works for a wonderful community that is engaged and excited about supporting all its young learners.

  • FertilityNZ 


    FertilityNZ provides support, understanding, information and advocacy for New Zealand men and women dealing with fertility problems.

  • RDA Waikato 


    Riding Develops Abilities - RDA Waikato provides riding for therapy, sport and recreation for children and adults with special needs.