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  • Ashleigh Needs a New Jaw

      created on 06 Sep 2020

    I am medically requiring a bilateral jaw joint replacement. This is to ease pain and improve overall function to get my life back.

    Raised: $85,300.50

    Goal: $60,000.00

  • TECT Rescue Helicopter

      created on 21 Aug 2019

    The TECT Rescue Helicopter, our aim is simple - to save lives!

    Raised: $37,856.90

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Love for Kat

      created on 03 Aug 2017

    Kat is pregnant with her second child and has just been diagnosed with advanced metastatic breast cancer. Her son Eoin is only 1.

    Raised: $28,484.53

    Goal: Open Goal

  • RRR

      7 days to go

    RRR-Rescue,Revive,Rehome- Bay of Plenty

    Raised: $14,255.00

    Goal: $15,000.00

  • Shelley's time of need

      created on 21 Oct 2020

    Our beautiful Shelley needs all our love and support as she fights Breast Cancer.

    Raised: $15,417.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Jamies journey

      24 days to go

    Unfunded medication to help prolong my brother life

    Raised: $28,201.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Defeating Hepatitis B in Vanuatu

      created on 18 Nov 2020

    Helping Vanuatu to tackle the chronic, widespread disease of Hepatitis B. Giving back to the people who come to NZ to work in horticulture.

    Raised: $28,235.00

    Goal: $160,000.00