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  • Woza to PNG

      created on 29 Feb 2020

    I need $2000 to pay for the trip and fly there.

    Raised: $45.00

    Goal: $2,000.00

  • Swap shop

      13 days to go

    The site where we are is not suited for our purpose its cold and wet No real shelter from the weather we need a enclosed building.

    Raised: $40.74

    Goal: $40,000.00

  • Affordable counselling

      created on 10 Mar 2020

    To increase access to counselling for individuals in need who cannot access other sources of funding.

    Raised: $65.50

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Plants for Recovery

      created on 19 Oct 2020

    Supporting people to leave behind the ravages of addiction to new life and new beginnings.

    Raised: $70.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help pixie

      8 days to go

    Solo mum with two children with disabilities trying to save there very loved pet from being put down

    Raised: $44.64

    Goal: $3,000.00