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  • Poppy's quest for Wheels

      created 1 day ago

    Poppy is desperate to be like the other kids her age and would give anything to be able to bike beside her twin.

    Raised: $1,335.00

    Goal: $8,429.00

  • Charlene drops for youth

      created on 19 Aug 2019

    I need every child to know that what you have on the inside is greater than any obstacle.

    Raised: $1,245.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Courtney's Spinal Recovery

      created on 17 Jul 2019

    Courtney went for an appointment with her neurosurgeon the results came with devastating news ...

    Raised: $1,280.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • New Courts for Belfast Netball Club

      created on 22 Jul 2019

    Our current fundraising barely covers the cost of the equipment required. We need help to be able to provide safe facilities.

    Raised: $1,240.70

    Goal: $180,000.00

  • Helping Sue and Chris fight the battle

      created on 21 Aug 2019

    I started this page because Sue and her family could do without the added stress of money worries. They can then focus on Sue's recovery.

    Raised: $1,440.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Getting Tjokker to NZ

      4 days to go

    This very special boy once saved is dad from a house fire. Now he needs help to get home to his parents in NZ!

    Raised: $1,252.00

    Goal: $6,000.00

  • Teddy Bear Project

      24 days to go

    Providing Teddies for the migration team at New Zealand Red Cross to be distributed to the former refugee children arriving in Canterbury.

    Raised: $1,240.00

    Goal: $2,000.00