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  • Pasta Cafe


    In the middle of a Queenstown winter, on six successive Friday evenings, we supply a free meal, companionship, and conversation

  • Dunedin Night Shelter


    The Dunedin Night Shelter is Dunedin’s only general access emergency accommodation, open 365 days a year.

  • Mayfair Theatre


    The Mayfair is an affordable performance venue maintained for the benefit of the Dunedin Community and the groups within it.

  • The Globe Theatre


    The Globe Theatre has raised $465,000 for urgent conservation repairs but needs another $85,000 before these repairs can begin. Please help!

  • Waitaki Autism Trust


    The Waitaki Autism Trust see the need for special therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), our aim is to provide assistance and suppor

  • Saint Peter's Caversham


    A traditional Anglo-Catholic church with 150 years' of history in Caversham and now ministering over the internet.

  • Poems in the Waiting Room


    Poems in the Waiting Room distributes free poetry cards to medical waiting rooms, rest homes, hospices and prisons every season.

  • Branches Trust


    Branches Camp is a 12-day journey into the hill country for Year 10 students of the Wakatipu away from comfort and cellphones and they come