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  • Spine issues affecting my family

      2 days to go

    My life has been changed by failed surgery on my spine. My family are suffering and I've just been told I require further surgery...

    Raised: $967.00

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • Lets help those affected by Leprosy

      created on 09 Feb 2019

    Please help to raise money for a new bus for Anandaban Hospital, one that will help to provide medical support to those affected by Leprosy.

    Raised: $960.00

    Goal: $30,000.00

  • We Are Hope team - Coast to Coast 2020

      created on 05 Jun 2019

    We are three young people aiming to complete the Kathmandu Coast to Coast in 2020 to raise money and awareness for the I Am Hope campaign.

    Raised: $893.00

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • WYT Youth Centre

      created on 15 Sep 2016

    A Youth hub incorporating a variety of youth based programmes, activities and events, as well as providing access to varied Youth Services

    Raised: $800.50

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Running for my brother

      4 days to go

    We are running a half marathon to raise money to create some awesome memories for this family as cancer has shortened their time together.

    Raised: $715.00

    Goal: Open Goal