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  • Taranaki Toy Library


    Taranaki Toy Library provides a toy hire service for families, schools and other community groups. We make sure are toys are in excellent c

  • FDMC leadership team 2014


    Little Fighters is local to Taranaki. The organisation was founded to help families who have had a child die or is terminally ill. The orga

  • Taranaki Cancer Society


    The Taranaki Centre is here to help you manage the impact of cancer in your life. We are dedicated to reduce the incidence of cancer and en

  • Taranaki Retreat


    Taranaki Retreat is a time out space, a place to leave behind all the noise of life, to breathe deeply and reassess....

  • Taranaki Rural Support Trust


    The Taranaki Rural Support Trust helps people and families in the wider rural community who experience an adverse event - climatic, financi

  • Cruize Taranaki 105.2 FM


    Cruize Taranaki is a completely independent voice on the airwaves with a unique format. We celebrate all that is positive in Taranaki by re

  • Taranaki Women's Refuge


    Taranaki Women's Refuge is the leading agency for domestic violence services in Taranaki. We are committed to helping individuals and fami