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  • Supporting Elyse vs DIPG

      created on 06 Dec 2017

    Elyse desperately needs ongoing donations to help pay for her Non-Government funded medicine - funds are running out fast.

    Raised: $27,973

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Save Mercury Bay

      created on 23 Jun 2020

    Please help us save Mercury Bay. We oppose a 30 hectare mussel spat farm proposed for Mercury Bay.

    Raised: $12,338

    Goal: $50,000

  • Help Holley Make Memories

      created on 05 Aug 2020

    Holley deserves to spend every moment enjoying her family...making memories with her babies and husband.

    Raised: $24,600

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help Ryan & his family

      created on 07 Aug 2020

    Help me help this lovely family through this awful time that none of us would ever wish to go through.

    Raised: $22,872

    Goal: Open Goal

  • A New Heart for Chase

      created on 01 Sep 2020

    Chase is a 3 year old who needs a heart transplant to survive.

    Raised: $26,348

    Goal: $550,000

  • Race for Grace

      20 days to go

    Grace has shown such strength and resilience, but requires ongoing love and assistance on her road to recovery.

    Raised: $12,385

    Goal: $5,000

  • Supporting Lara and her whaanau

      created on 20 Mar 2021

    Please help us support beautiful Lara and her whaanau as Lara goes through treatment for cancer

    Raised: $10,588

    Goal: Open Goal