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  • Chinese Garden - Wellington

      created on 26 May 2019

    The Wellington Chinese Garden Society Inc. is tasked with the raising of funds for the construction of a "Chinese Garden".

    Raised: $709

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Red Door Recovery

      created on 17 Dec 2019

    Good people make bad decisions with drugs and alcohol. This does not mean they are bad people; it means they are human. We can help them.

    Raised: $676

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Families in need Malawi, Africa

      created on 24 Jul 2020

    Chimbowe a rural village in Malawi is in desperate need of food for the families most financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Raised: $652

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Battle for Josh & Family

      created on 05 Mar 2021

    I would like to ensure that Josh and his family are able to enjoy as much as they can the time left together as a family

    Raised: $710

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Paekākāriki Surf Lifeguards - 1913 Club

      created on 07 Mar 2021

    The 1913 club's members will create the next 100 years of Paekākāriki Surf Lifeguards by supporting our much-needed redevelopment project.

    Raised: $582

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Raising Funds for Waithoi/Tyers Stream

      created on 25 Mar 2021

    Please help us with the much needed work in Waitohi/Tyers Stream. We are raising money in order to afford tools and other resources.

    Raised: $645

    Goal: $1,500

  • Room 1 Donations

      29 days to go

    We are raising funds to buy new chromebooks to use as part of the daily learning program in classrooms.

    Raised: $622

    Goal: $1,000

  • Help us to help Millie

      created on 10 Apr 2021

    Help us to cover the treatment costs to repair Millie's back left paw.

    Raised: $600

    Goal: $2,000