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  • Saving West Coast History & Memories

      created on 12 May 2015

    We are a passionate community sharing stories and knowledge about everything West Coast and we have outgrown Facebook

    Raised: $11,838.00

    Goal: $25,000.00

  • Journey to my new lungs.

      created on 19 Aug 2019

    Journey to new lungs and a new life. But if that isn’t possible, an opportunity to tick off my bucket list.

    Raised: $8,850.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Luke's Fight Against Cancer - CDH1

      created on 18 Mar 2020

    Our brother has stomach cancer and is facing an epic odyssey ahead. Please support him during this very uncertain and challenging time.

    Raised: $10,635.50

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Riley's fight against Leukaemia

      12 days to go

    Help Riley's family during this heartbreaking time to have one less thing to worry about. Any dollar will help.

    Raised: $12,295.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Next Item on the 'Agender'

      created on 21 May 2020

    After nearly a decade of waiting, it's time to get Morgan the Gender Confirmation Surgery they need.

    Raised: $9,000.00

    Goal: $10,000.00

  • My Mother’s Cancer Emma Ahern

      25 days to go

    My Mother has been Diagnosed with stage 4 Terminal Cancer, raising money to help to ease financial pressure, and a day to celebrate her life

    Raised: $9,181.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help for the Hurias

      26 days to go

    Roly has cancer and is unable to work. Funds raised will assist with the battle, and help the family financially in this challenging time.

    Raised: $11,775.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Returning our waka to Wairarapa Moana

      created on 10 Jun 2020

    We have a dream to establish a waka centre on the shores of Ōnoke (Lake Ferry) to bring our whānau back to our land and waters.

    Raised: $9,077.22

    Goal: $11,690.00