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  • Team Yellow (Intergen) - PwC Charity Relay  

      created on 06 Aug 2018

    Team Yellow are back and and ready to smash our 2017 targets. Help us raise as many $$$ as possible for these fantastic Charities.

    Raised: $5,530.60

    Goal: $10,000.00

  • Running for Lifeline  

      10 days to go

    I'm running the Auckland half and Queenstown full marathon to help raise money for Lifeline and take action against our rising suicide rates

    Raised: $5,237.21

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Rare spinal cord tumour (our son Jack)  

      created on 02 Sep 2018

    I am running 85km with just under 3000m of vertical gain to raise funds for the child/family sanctuary that is Ronald McDonald House.

    Raised: $5,150.00

    Goal: $10,000.00

  • Mon's Marathon Mission for Family Works  

      created on 13 Jul 2018

    Family violence is not OK. The circumstances some of our families are exposed to is heart-breaking. I'm on a mission to help!

    Raised: $5,097.00

    Goal: $5,000.00

  • Bam Going Bald for Tourette’s  

      12 days to go

    I am fundraising for the TANZ by shaving my hair off because I appreciate the work they do for people who suffer from tics and Tourette’s.

    Raised: $4,800.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Running 21km for Meningitis  

      10 days to go

    We want to raise money for the Meningitis Foundation, which works toward the prevention, control and awareness of meningitis in Aotearoa.

    Raised: $4,732.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Tommo's Trek for Maddy  

      created on 04 Mar 2018

    I'm walking the Camino in memory of my stepdaughter Maddy who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. 150kg's in Nov to walking 800km's in 35days!

    Raised: $4,440.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • 42 kilometres in the Big Apple!  

      9 days to go

    I'm running the New York City Marathon on 4th of November, and I'd love to raise some funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

    Raised: $4,273.50

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • Captain Sang and Yuko  

      created on 24 Jul 2018

    In lieu of flowers, we ask you to please donate to two amazing charities which continue to give amazing support to families around NZ.

    Raised: $4,178.00

    Goal: Open Goal