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  • ChangeMakers Refugee Forum


    ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a human rights organisation supporting refugee-background communities in New Zealand. We are a non-governm

  • Kaharoa Kokako Trust


    The Kaharoa Kokako Trust is a group of volunteers dedicated to protecting kokako locally, thereby assisting recovery of the species nationa

  • ECO


    Founded in 1971, ECO is a network of 50+ organisations throughout New Zealand, who share a concern for conservation and the environment. Th

  • Depression Support Network


    Our long term aim is to improve the overall health and wellbeing in the community by providing a network of community support services for

  • Family Help Trust


    Professional social workers provide our families with the skills needed to improve their lives, and those of their children. Services are

  • Pablos Art Studios Inc


    Pablos Art Studios Incorporated uses art and creative exploration to encourage people with experience of mental illness to transform their