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  • NZ Epi Island Incentive Trust


    The purpose of the trust will be to provide health and oral health services and promote the artistic cultural Epi Island Vanuatu.In particu

  • Dunedin Night Shelter


    The Dunedin Night Shelter is Dunedin’s only general access emergency accommodation, open 365 days a year.

  • Woolston Boxing


    Woolston Boxing is a voluntary run club that teaches the skills, techniques and discipline an individual requires in order to be an amateur

  • World Class Waikato


    World Class Waikato is a High Performance Athlete Sustainability organisation and has been established to expose the regions athletes to th

  • Gisborne Cancer Society


    Improving community wellbeing by reducing the incidence and impact of cancer. Thus we are committed to working with individuals, whanau an

  • St John Bream Bay


    St John Bream Bay is a charitable organisation with a volunteer ethos. To save lives we really need your help!