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  • CCS Disability Action


    CCS Disability Action works alongside people with disabilities so that dreams and aspirations are possible.

  • Amnesty International NZ


    Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign

  • Allergy New Zealand


    Allergy New Zealand is a national charity that supports Kiwis living with allergies and allergic conditions.

  • Focus on the Family NZ


    Focus on the Family New Zealand is a charitable organisation which has been serving families in New Zealand since the early 1980s. We value

  • New Zealand Spinal Trust


    Help relieve the pressure for thousands of New Zealanders who are affected by a broken back or neck. Please make a donation today.

  • FertilityNZ


    FertilityNZ provides support, understanding, information and advocacy for New Zealand men and women dealing with fertility problems.