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  • Lake Ohakuri Pontoons  

      created on 16 Oct 2017

    With the removal of the old iconic jetty at Lake Ohakuri, there are safety concerns for those that swim and boat on this lake

    Raised: $6,830.00

    Target: $4,500.00

  • Buy the Park in Bureta  

      14 days to go

    Buy the Trees and Green Space in Bureta for the Community

    Raised: $1,250.00

    Target: $8,400,000.00

  • The Kolkata Walk of Freedom  

      created on 14 Feb 2018

    Raising funds to free women from abuse and a Trade that gives them no choices

    Raised: $740.00

    Target: $5,500.00

  • Rescue Rat needs help  

      created on 15 Jun 2018

    Milo the rescue rat was neglected, needs an open infected wound mass removed by surgery.

    Raised: $306.00

    Target: $449.00

  • Garrison HQ Restoration  

      created on 08 Feb 2015

    The Garrison need help to restore the former Omaka, Blenheim ATC building, and transform it into New Zealands only working WW2 Military Camp

    Raised: $120.22

    Target: $10,000.00

  • The Great Otara Buy Back  

      created on 06 Jul 2018

    Lets put our Otara Town Centre back in our Communities Hands!

    Raised: $100.00

    Target: $6,000,000.00

  • 80 kids are about to lose their jobs  

      5 days to go

    Help us keep StudentForce going, plus provide free advertising to charities, by funding a local flyer that we'll deliver to 16,000 houses.

    Raised: $85.00

    Target: $3,000.00

  • Lets talk about depression  

      10 days to go

    Help us create a pathway for those suffering from depression to talk to others who have been through it and are willing to listen.

    Raised: $40.00

    Target: $75,000.00