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  • The Nelson ARK  

      created on 04 Aug 2015

    The Nelson ARK educates young people who are losing their way in life and gives them each an unwanted dog to train.

    Raised: $1,010.50

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Sacred Souls  

      created on 20 Aug 2017

    Please help support the ongoing everyday care of the residents of Sacred Souls and donate to help the new faces we can save!

    Raised: $455.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • SAFE  


    SAFE is NZ's leading animal protection organisation, defending animals against cruelty and abuse. We strive to make significant improvement

  • Cat Rescue Christchurch  


    Cat Rescue Christchurch helps the forgotten stray cats of Christchurch by having them desexed and rehomed where possible.

  • NZ Vegetarian Society  


    For a kinder, healthier world! We are the voice for NZ vegetarians and vegans, helping people go vegetarian and stay vegetarian.

  • Orca Research Trust  


    We Protect Orca & their Habitat, through Conservation, Education & Scientific Research. There are less than 200 living around NZ