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  • Camp Quality New Zealand


    Camp Quality is a voluntary organisation dedicated to bringing fun, hope and happiness to children (aged 5-16 years) living with cancer.

  • Cancer Society Wairarapa


    Cancer Society Wairarapa is committed to managing the impact of cancer on patients, carers, friends and families in our local community.

  • Promise to Pip


    In the middle of this year Pip was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastic Malignant Melanoma with no primary source. Since diagnosis, Pip has been

  • Shocking Pink


    Shocking Pink is dedicated to supporting young women through breast cancer, and out the other side. We tell it like it REALLY is, because w

  • Lake Taupo Hospice


    Ours is a 24/7 operation providing free of charge palliative care and holistic support for patients and their families in the Taupo distric

  • Hibiscus Hospice


    Hibiscus Hospice provides compassionate care for people affected by terminal illness and support for their families. Services are free and

  • Melanoma New Zealand


    Melanoma NZ is a registered charity devoted to issues relating to melanoma. Our mission is to prevent avoidable deaths & suffering.

  • Graci Foundation


    The Graci Foundation seeks to raise money for research into gynecological cancers in New Zealand

  • DayZ-V Charitable Trust


    We are committed to making a difference within our local communities and across the country. DayZ-V is an organization dedicated to impro