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  • DCM 


    DCM works at the tough end of things. When people have no money, no food and no roof over their heads, they come to us.

  • Feed the Need 


    We won't stand by and watch thousands of kiwi kids go hungry at school...we feed hope to these children, one school lunch at a time.

  • Jitesh and Preeti need your help 

      11 days to go

    Couple brutally assaulted in aggravated robbery are now left traumatised and unable to return to work.

    Raised: $27,325.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Kaibosh Food Rescue  


    Kaibosh is an innovative food rescue organisation based in Wellington. We collaborate with food retailers to rescue surplus food that is go…

  • Blue Dragon Charity Boxing 2017 

      16 days to go

    Blue Dragon Children's Foundation helps kids in crisis throughout Vietnam, focusing on education and training to give them another chance.

    Raised: $17,784.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Garden to Table Trust 


    Garden to Table is bringing a positive, curriculum-linked food education programme to primary schools in NZ, teaching gardening and cooking.

  • Wellington City Mission 


    The Wellington City Mission has been helping people in need throughout the Greater Wellington region for 111 years.

  • KidsCan Charitable Trust 


    KidsCan provides food, clothing and basic healthcare in schools to enable disadvantaged Kiwi kids to reach their full potential.

  • Vinnies 


    Vinnies helps individuals and families by giving one on one support that provides a hand up in time of need.

  • Just Zilch 


    Just Zilch, our vision is not to let anyone in the community go hungry unnecessarily