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  • Team Skyla  

      created on 28 May 2016

    In Aug 2015 Skyla was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare and incurable terminal brain cancer. DIPG has a 0% survival rate. Skyla is 5 years old.

    Raised: $8,029.48

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Yoga Rhapsody with Active Youth 

      created on 02 Dec 2016

    Help us to spend more time with these inspiring young people in 2017, and offer them the benefits of yoga and music!

    Raised: $940.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • 2017 Pork Pie Charity Run - The Roadrunners 

      created on 23 May 2016

    Joanne & Kirsty are the Roadrunners and we are super excited to be first time Pork Pie'ers. We can't wait to begin this adventure.

    Raised: $755.00

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • Help us with our wedding 

      created on 02 Oct 2016

    Help us with our wedding, we need the people we love to be there ...

    Raised: $74.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Volunteering Otago Trust 


    Become an Registered Friend of Volunteering Otago by making a donation to support our organization to advance volunteering in Otago.

  • Cromwell Bike Park 


    Cromwell Bike Park Committee - responsible for the construction and ongoing maintenance of Cromwell's public Bike Park.

  • help our summer dream come true! 

      10 days to go

    Hey everyone. My friends and are are trying to finish our group project of making the perfect holiday treat. a floating picnic!

    Raised: $80.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Greenpark Playcentre 

      9 days to go

    We are raising funds to upgrade the outdoor area and equipment.

    Raised: $8.00

    Goal: Open Goal