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  • 95bFM  


    95bFM nourishes a community of independent thinkers to help shape and more interested and interesting Tamaki Makaurau.

  • Awareness On Wheels  

      9 days to go

    A motorcycle journey from Canada to Argentina raising funding for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

    Raised: $3,409.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Kidsonscreen  


    Expand children's imaginative horizons through more engaging & enriching screen content. Support us and become a friend of the Trust.

  • Otago Access Radio  


    Every dollar you donate helps give Dunedin people a voice in the media - making radio by, for and about our diverse communities.

  • Illumination Workshop Trust  


    Our dream is to provide children with tools they need to reach their full potential. Help us achieve our dream so they can achieve theirs.

  • Screenies  


    We are dedicated to bringing diverse cultural screen content and storymaking opportunities to kiwi kids.