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  • Bring Our Birds Home 

      created on 20 Apr 2017

    'Bring Our Birds Home' is a campaign to save and recover 5 significant New Zealand air frames of historical and cultural importance.

    Raised: $19,711.37

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Reaching Out CCF 


    We help out in our community, the homeless, families in need, the vulnerable - if we can help we will.

  • TSCF 


    We help students to think. This is not as easy as it sounds! We encourage students to investigate and explore the Christian faith.

  • Motueka Uniting Church 


    St Andrew's has served the Motueka community for almost 100 years and now we need to bring the building up to national building standards.

  • No Duff Charitable Trust 


    No Duff provides immediate support to Veterans, current, and former service people, for their mental, physical, and social health.

  • MMM New Zealand 


    MMM New Zealand is a Christian ministry that provides building and maintenance support to churches and Christian organisations.

  • Sharon's Missions Trip To Cambodia 

      18 days to go

    Sharon is going with Esther’s Voice to Cambodia to help against the child sex trade, give value to women, hygiene packs & teaching material.

    Raised: $3,065.00

    Goal: $5,000.00

  • Nurse for Vanuatu 

      created on 13 Aug 2015

    Hi I’m seeking sponsorship so I can continue volunteer at Marine Reach’s clinic in Vanuatu as the coordinator and nurse.

    Raised: $2,960.00

    Goal: Open Goal