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  • Delta Community Trust  


    Delta is a Christian organisation seeking to empower people experiencing hardship, disability and isolation through community and fun.

  • Social Innovation  


    Social Innovation Trust is a new organisation dedicated to building the social enterprise capacity of Otago/ Southland.

  • Gallery36  


    Gallery36 is a e-magazine helping to raise profiles of emerging artists and photographers by giving them the chance to be published. New Ze

  • Cookie Time Charitable Trust  


    Helping NZ kids discover their gifts...... We are committed to supporting innovative programmes in education that result in students being

  • Pablos Art Studios Inc  


    Pablos Art Studios Incorporated uses art and creative exploration to encourage people with experience of mental illness to transform their

  • Save Khmer Kids  


    Save Khmer Kids is a charitable organisation which aims to provide free education to poor children in Cambodia.

  • Wilderland Trust  


    Wilderland is a self-reliant community that has been practicing and promoting a sustainable, low impact way of living since 1964! Wilderla

  • Toi Ora Live Art Trust  


    Toi Ora Live Art Trust is a unique shared creative space in the heart of Auckland city for adults who have come in contact with mental heal

  • Sustainable Coastlines  


    We set out to sustain and protect our coastlines: this is at the core of everything we do. We love our coasts and we work with our sleeves