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  • Ignite Sport Trust  


    Ignite Sport changes lives. Using recreation and sport we engage, motive, inspire and educate 800+ young people in the Wellington Region.

  • CCS Disability Action  


    CCS Disability Action works alongside people with disabilities so that dreams and aspirations are possible.

  • Auckland Refugee Council  


    Imagine; when you woke up tomorrow, you had to leave your country and you could never return. This is the harsh the reality our clients face

  • The Peace Foundation  


    The Peace Foundation is a not for profit organisation working to build peaceful relationships nationally and globally.

  • Daltons Gym  


    A facility for people to utilise to deliver their training from! Working with youth. Assisting sports teams. Improving childrens well be

  • The 1000 Days Trust  


    1000 Days Trust aims to be the vehicle of true early intervention to support families in Murihiku/Southland.

  • Leadership New Zealand  


    Leadership New Zealand is committed to enriching New Zealand through active leadership in connected communities.