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  • Help Me Walk Again 

      created on 04 Jan 2017

    Sophia Malthus, 19 year old, Tetraplegic since 29th November 2016 from a race horse fall. Seeking funding to help pursue further treatment.

    Raised: $45,616.71

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Noah T battling the big C with Vitamin C 

      created on 28 Jan 2017

    After 14 years and 10 neurosurgeries, Noah is undertaking Vitamin C treatment to reduce brain tumor #4 the surgeons couldn't totally remove.

    Raised: $30,600.00

    Goal: $12,000.00

  • Keagan Girdlestone #keepfightingkeagz 

      created on 13 Jun 2016

    To assist Keagan recover from this horrific accident and rehabilitate from the massive injuries sustained. Some of which are still unknown.

    Raised: $28,552.60

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Support Amanda Arnold's Recovery 

      created on 10 Apr 2017

    On 1st April 2017 Amanda Arnold suffered a serious accident to her neck and spinal cord. Please show your support for Amanda!

    Raised: $25,025.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help Cooper & his family 

      created on 26 Mar 2017

    16 year old Cooper broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord. The paralysis is sadly permanent, please help Cooper.

    Raised: $22,335.50

    Goal: Open Goal

  • RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) 


    RAW is a programme providing education and wrap-around support to help women from challenging backgrounds find their place in the world.

  • Help Colm Beat Bone Cancer 

      created on 19 Oct 2016

    Please support me to get through my battle with high grade bone cancer.

    Raised: $20,030.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • One Dollar Warriors Fight for Ruby 

      created on 29 Mar 2016

    Ruby is a gorgeous 13 year old, who was infected by a tick bite on a family holiday. She contracted Lyme disease which is ravaging her body…

    Raised: $19,571.60

    Goal: $35,000.00