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  • Children of the Light  


    Help us educate children in Ghana and build a Learning Centre, We help children break out of the poverty cycle through quality education.

  • EVolocity  


    It's hard for teachers to find sustainability projects that motivate students. EVolocity electric vehicle competition ticks all the boxes.

  • Teach First NZ  


    Teach First NZ is an innovative not-for-profit organisation working towards educational equity in New Zealand.

  • Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids  


    Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids is a New Zealand-based charity bringing education to poor rural villages in Cambodia

  • ChatBus  


    Every day children feel the pain of broken families, of disappointment, of grief and loss, and of changing friendships.

  • Children in Tibet Project  

      12 days to go

    We will be giving through the donations the fundamental, and often costly, provisions to support the monk’s initiative in Tibet.

    Raised: $1,765.00

    Goal: Open Goal