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  • Ross Thacker Fund  

      created on 06 Oct 2015

    Ross Thacker lost his battle with cancer at age 37 when his daughter was only 8 weeks old. Raising funds to support partner and daughter.

    Raised: $10,327.18

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Taranaki Rural Support Trust  


    The Taranaki Rural Support Trust helps people and families in the wider rural community who experience an adverse event - climatic, financi

  • Lion's Den Ministries  


    To use mixed martial arts, sport and Fitness as a medium to reach people of all age, gender, ethnicity and background as a way to share the

  • Pakuranga Counselling Centre  


    Pakuranga Counselling Centre mission is to be a leader in the provision of Professional, confidential and affordable Counselling, Community

  • Ruel Foundation  


    The Ruel Foundation is a children's charity organization, operating since 2000 to provide free medical aid to children living in remote are

  • Taupo Family Centre Inc.  


    Taupo Family Centre Inc. provide specialised counselling and social work service to improve the wellbeing and safety of individuals and fam

  • Takenlife Charitable Trust  


    Families can place a timeless tribute to a loved-one taken by homicide or murder. We honor those taken & support their families