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  • Little Fighters Trust


    The Little Fighters Charitable Trust is a support Network which helps Families that are affected by a Life Threatening Illness which impact

  • Key to Life


    The Key to Life Charitable Trust (originally created as The Nutters Club Charitable Trust in 2010 and since renamed)

  • DayZ-V Charitable Trust


    We are committed to making a difference within our local communities and across the country. DayZ-V is an organization dedicated to impro

  • Project Boost


    Project Boost is a Children’s Hospital visiting service run entirely by volunteers, providing an uplifting experience to kids in hospital.

  • A Girl Called Hope


    Bringing Hope - strengthening the resilience, self-esteem and well being of women through residential and community programmes

  • Wellington Rape Crisis


    Wellington Rape Crisis provides free counselling, support and information for survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their families, friend

  • CF Auckland


    The Auckland Branch of the Cystic Fibrosis Association covers an area from Warkworth to Pokeno. We aim to provide support to all those with

  • Graci Foundation


    The Graci Foundation seeks to raise money for research into gynecological cancers in New Zealand

  • Terrier Race Against Time


    Terrier Race Against Time Committee was set up by 6 local women to provide support for all women diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the Gisbor