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Baby Sensory & Toddler Sense Senseathon - Helping babies born too soon, too sick and too small

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The Superhero Senseathon 2019 - Raising funds for The Neonatal Trust, to enable more support of families with premature & sick babies

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This March, our Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense children need their masks and capes to become a Superhero for the Senseathon.

A wonderful event which will also help support babies born premature or sick and their families by raising vital funds to support the work of The Neonatal Trust in New Zealand. Find out more:

In New Zealand over 5,000 babies require specialist care in a neonatal unit EVERY YEAR. The Neonatal Trust supports the families going though a journey full of stress and anxiety, in these three key ways:

1. Supporting neonatal families through the stress and anxiety of their journey, with resources, co-ordination of support, etc

2. Funding neonatal research to increase understanding and enhance outcomes

3. Support the neonatal units and their staff so the babies receive the best care possible

Examples of support can be viewed in this gallery (cut and paste URL):

Sign up today and join us for a fun event that makes difference!

How can you get involved?

Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense sessions will be running across Australia and New Zealand.

1. Register to attend one of our Superhero Senseathon events by contacting your local Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense class leader (visit to find your nearest class).

2. Ask everyone you know to sponsor your little one by sharing the fundraising link above.

3. If you can’t attend an event, don’t worry, you can also donate online directly by visiting the link above.

4. Have fun on the day!

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Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand


Through our 2019 'Senseathon', we're proud to be raising funds for The Neonatal Trust, to enable more of their great work supporting families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey

All funds raised go to:

  • The Neonatal Trust

    We support families of premature or sick full-term babies as they make their stressful journey through neonatal care and the transition home

“Fabric Silent Auction”
“Ref Oakley”
“Thanks to my amazing friends and class families for their raffle ticket purchases and donations”
“<3 love the good mahi being done by the NICU team x”
“Our little one was in NICU when she was born. So we are very grateful and happy to give back.”
  • $3,467.00 donated
  • 30 generous donors

$3,467 donated

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