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Gamers Against Terrorism

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To give streamers and gamers a way to fundraise for the victims of this horrific terrorist attack.

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As a United States Veteran, Gamer, and Subscriber to Pewdiepie. I was disgusted and horrified when I learned about the Christchurch, NZ attack. I was ashamed when I learned it was done, SOLELY to cause division in the United States and to start a legitimate physical Civil War. I can not do much to help the victims physically, but we can fundraise. The main goal of this terrorist attack is to create division, to cause physical violence. I want to use this as a symbolic gesture to go against the terrorists wishes.

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The terrorist attack in Christchurch, NZ was a horrific terrorist attack done solely to create division in United States politics and cause "The Culture War" to go from a war of ideas to physical violence. I am disgusted and ashamed as a US Citizen that this happened.

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Created around 7 months ago

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