Hopewalk 12hr Challenge 💛

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To raise awareness for mental health and suicide, also to raise funds for I AM HOPE to support NZs youth 💛💛

Manawatu / Whanganui

It's a Hopewalk Champions joint challenge!!

On Saturday 22nd May 2021 from 7am to 7pm Katie from Hopewalk Taranaki, Joseph from Hopewalk Manawatu and Amber from Hopewalk Christchurch will be each doing a 12hr keep moving challenge in their region where the pure aim is to keep moving for 12hrs in their desired movement.

We are all jointly raising funds for I AM HOPE and as always raising awareness for mental health and suicide because when times get tough it's a challenge!! A givealittle link will be posted shortly so you can donate to show your support for us, please also share this and the givealittle link like crazy for us 💛 

The other way to show support is to head to your local event and join your Champion for awhile, cheer them on, donate into our gumboots or have a walk and chat :)

Katie will be at Tasman Prospect, her HQ will be situated by grass/playground area near the Windwand in the Hope Walk New Plymouth - Taranaki Marquee, Katie is walking for 12hrs from 7am to 7pm and may have a few fundraising goodies onsite aswell as a donation Gumboot!!

Joseph will be at the Palmy Square running/walking laps of the square for 12hrs from 7am to 7pm and will have his HQ set up on the grass by the I Site where you can donate to his donation Gumboot!! Rumor has it he may skip, hop or jump some laps aswell if someone joins him in doing this so make sure you get involved and have some fun!!

Amber will be walking the streets of Christchurch for 12hrs from 7am to 7pm  And when she does her live videos she will mention where her next destination is going to be... So for example, she will end up at the beach and will walk up and down the massive east coast shore that everyone loves and people can join if they want, it is very therapeutic and on the live she will say her next destination is the CBD area and will walk up and down the main street or circle the cathedral Square for a couple of hours then move on etc. Her donation Gumboot will be with her on her travels.

Make sure you head down and show support to your local event and watch the different Hopewalk pages for live videos and updates throughout the day!! If you can please donate to show support and help our young people and join us for a few laps 💛💛

Joseph Smith's involvement (page creator)

We all want to help due to personal experiences with mental health/suicide challenges and to make a difference in NZ to lower our suicide numbers 💛

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Katina on 22 May 2021
Way to go HopeWalk champions; Katie, Joseph, and Amber! Awesome effort for an incredibly worthy cause. 💛💛💛
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 May 2021
To all 3 Hope Walk hero's all the best on the day $50 each for your efforts. Hope you get lots of support on the day.
Shaun on 22 Apr 2021
You guys are legends, all the best, I look forward to joining Joseph in the square on the 22nd!
Claire on 20 Apr 2021
Good on you Katie
Teresa on 14 Apr 2021
Never give up

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