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Loving yourself isn't VANITY it's SANITY

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I'm asking for any donations to help raise funds so I may in hope attend rehab at Reddoor. Please believe in me :)

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Hi I'm Brooke.

I'm a mum of two which also qualifies me to be a counsellor, Doctor, Teacher, Circus acrobat and sometimes I'm super*MUM* I have been very successful even working in a prison setting as a group facilitator for men and women doing therapy as part of my more recent career opportunities I strived hard for...but more importantly I'm human...I'm a human recovering from a methamphetamine addiction. I'm trying to raise funds to attend rehab so that I too can learn to lOVE myself again and in hope have others learn to do the same!! If your reading this please know I'm worth it, as is your daughter, your brother, your aunty, your mother, your father maybe even your neighbour...or just anyone special to you who is being challenged by any addiction.

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I'm wanting to raise funds to help me get into Reddoor Rehab. To learn to love myself again because loving yourself isn't vanity it's sanity. But also for other people who would like a second chance at life :). It's not the end it's just the beginning.

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