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Matthew Smith Leukaemia Fundraiser

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Help us raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and Ronald McDonald House, in support of Matthew Smith and his battle with Leukaemia

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Treatment Cancer Awareness

On the 11th of October, Matt was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). Obviously this was a massive shock not only to Matthew himself, but to his family and friends. Matthew is a strong character and is already showing really good signs of improvement, with positive results, which is a huge boost for everyone, but Matthew most importantly.

What will be taking place: There is a combined group of roughly 15 of boys and girls (aged 15-20) who are all planning to shave their heads and cut off their pony tails as a sign of support and solidarity towards Matthew during this time. Many of them are based in Wellington, but a handful are spread across the country, so it is planned that everyone will collectively shave their heads on Sunday the 6th of November, irrespective of what city they are in. Monday the 7th of November is the beginning of Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Awareness Week, hence why this date has been chosen. The aim of this is to bring publicity to Leukaemia and trying to spread messages of hope to everyone who is going through similar struggles.

Alongside the Shave off supporting Matt and his battle against Leukaemia, Sam Leppard and Conor White will be doing a cycle around Lake Taupo. The boys will be putting their legs on the line for a bloody good cause! On Saturday the 26th November they will be setting off to cycle 160kms around the beautiful Lake Taupo (neither Sam or Conor have cycled further than 40km ever, so this will be a big challenge for them both). They are doing this to raise awareness and fundraise for the legend, Matt Smith. Get in behind them and show some support for Matty and these two awesome boys who are going out of their way to help this cause. The larger the donation, the faster they will go (just jokes).

Where will the money raised be going: All funds raised from this will be going towards 2 seperate charities chosen by Matt. Firstly, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand who are dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood conditions. The second charity is Ronald McDonald House, who have been very supportive of both Matthew and his family during this time. They have provided his family with accomodation, and are continuing to support them whilst Matthew receives his treatment. All the money raised will be spilt evenly (50/50) between Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand and Ronald McDonald House.

All we simply ask is that you support us in this endeavour. Matthew is a battler and is doing really well and showing fantastic signs of improvement!

If the funds raised can impact one other person facing a difficult challenge with Leukaemia Cancer, then this has undoubtedly been a success.

Special thanks to:

Nick Bartlett

Strauss Boom

Jimmy Bos

Jonathan Dawson

Cameron Fountain

Ti Kosiyabong

Sam Leppard

Brodie McDowell

Hannah Mollison

Brittany Oliver

Dior Ramohitaj

Dylan Ramohitaj

Tom Rutherford

Hamish Shearer

Sarah Single

Conor White

Gemma Young

Thanks for reading this and supporting us in the fight against cancer! Kia Kaha

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Tom Rutherford


Matt Smith's friend wanting to bring awareness to Leukaemia Cancer

All funds raised benefit:

  • $7,690.01 donated
  • 202 generous donors

$7,690 donated

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