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Running For Hope

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I'm doing this to give back to my hometown and community that gave me so much and for a cause that is absolutely amazing!

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Hey All,

Normally the most you get to see about my training is the odd photo post I put up ever now and then. I thought I'd change that all around next month and as part of my wider training get you all involved.

There's a special hill out in Porirua which laid the framework to my earlier years of training. I remember my beginnings on it with my big sister/cousin and the struggle it was getting up it that day. Fast forward to September of this year and I managed to knock out a set of 10 reps (1 rep running up then coming down).

What hill is it you ask?

Rangituhi/Colonial Knob. For those from Porirua, most will know all to well what a grudge it is going up those stairs. It's been pretty inspiring though seeing a lot of you get up there lately, kudos to you all!

So what am I going to do and what a makes it different?

Lets do 20 reps this time. Lets make it a Marathon! I'll be doing just the stairs section of it which I previously did the 10 on. It totals roughly 720 steps on a single climb so doing that 20 times makes it about 14400 steps in total. If you're wondering how long it is going to be, it's roughly 44km with a rough elevation gain of 4200m or more (nearly half of Everest). Here's the profile from the day I done 10.

Where do you help out?

There is an organization which I care deeply for and the work they do. Unfortunately our hometown (Porirua) was affected by situations that could have been avoided had there been that voice reaching out to these amazing youth. This organization is Lifeline.

"You’re probably aware that Lifeline isn’t a government funded service, we receive more than 10,000 calls a month and 6-10 calls are day are from people at high risk of ending their lives. To give you idea of the impact your fundraising could have – is costs approximately $25 to answer a call and $255 to provide an hour of helpline support. So raising $1,000 would help 40 people in distress" - Lifeline Representative

I've come to learn over the years that the flame of hope will never wither once ignited. It just needs something or someone to reignite it. We as a community are the carers of our friends, family and neighbours and the only way in which we can all move forward together is ensuring that no one gets left behind or left alone.

I'm asking you all to sponser me on the day. Be it for a full rep, half a rep or whatever contribution you can make. Whatever I raise will all be donated to Lifeline. That day will be the 22nd of December (yes, just before Christmas haha).

So come on people. Lets get to that goal of $1000!!!

Heck, if you want to join me on the day that would be even better though you don't have to do the full 20 haha.

Whatever you can contribute will go a long way to helping out.



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I'm a huge supporter of the work they do and with recent events in my home town of Porirua, it's a chance for me to give back to the city and community that gave me so much.

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$1,590 donated

Given by 46 generous donors in 6 weeks

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