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Running for Diabetes Youth Canterbury

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Diabetes Youth Canterbury provides support for kids living with type 1 diabetes. I am running the Q'town half marathon to support them.

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Awareness Kids 4 Charity

My 9 year old daughter and 2500 other young people in NZ live with type 1 diabetes. It is an unpreventable, incurable auto immune condition which destroys their pancreas and makes them reliant on insulin injections to stay alive. The daily stresses that come with having type 1 can only fully be understood by others who are experiencing it too.

Diabetes Youth Canterbury (DYC) helps our kids to connect with each other which normalises their daily routine and encourages friendships with those who "get it". It is invaluable too as a parent to be able to meet other mums and dads who share the same worries, concerns and fears.

DYC does a great job and are fully reliant on donations and grants to provide camps, christmas parties, holiday programmes and social get togethers for our kids and teens. They also provide support and education for parents and families.

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Kirsten Rosser


I am running my first half marathon in Queenstown on the 21st of November. I am doing it for my daughter who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 7 and for my son who is at high risk of also developing this horrible disease.

I want to show them that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it. Including their overweight 40+ Mum who spent most of her life avoiding running unless she was being chased...! I don't want anything, especially not diabetes, to ever hold them back.

Along the way, I want to raise some funds for DYC to carry on the fabulous work they do for kids and families in our region. Please get behind me and them!!!

All funds raised benefit:

  • Diabetes Youth Canterbury

    Diabetes Youth Canterbury is a group of parents who complement the work done by the medical professionals involved in our childrens care

  • $1,680.00 donated
  • 38 generous donors

$1,680 donated

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