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My first Half-Marathon for KidsCan

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No child should have to worry about an empty stomach or staying warm and dry when they're learning. That's why I'm doing this.

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So, at the ripe old age of 49 I'm doing my first ever organised run - in about 3 weeks!!

The Mizuno Waterfront Half Marathon. And to up the stakes, I'll be running to raise money for KidsCan - a charity established to ensure that children effected by poverty are able to participate in learning and developing without having to worry about being hungry or staying warm and dry. Basic human needs. KidsCan gives children whose families are struggling, the same opportunity to learn as anyone else.

Although this is my first run and I only started training in February, I think I might be on course to complete the Half marathon in a pretty good time - I plan to do it in under 1 hour 40 minutes.

With a 10 minute warmup, that works out at 110 minutes, or approximately 25 radio-friendly songs. So here's the deal: the first 25 people to sponsor me, each get to choose a song for my Half Marathon Playlist (It'll be on Spotify). I'd love the song you choose to be something that inspires you - maybe a memory from your childhood, a friend, your own family/kids, or an important life event - maybe just a great party track - but a song that you reckon will make my legs pump that little harder. And feel free to tell me the story behind the song, so when it comes on, I know exactly what it means!

Another reason I need an inspiring playlist, is that I've convinced my wife to sponsor me $1.00 for every second I do UNDER 1 Hour 40. (Little does she know that I'm currently on track for about 1:36:00!!) This could get expensive for her. As part of the deal, I've agreed to pay $1.00 for every second I do OVER 1:40:00.

So why KidsCan? There's a million reasons... But one thing's for sure - No child should have to worry about an empty stomach or staying warm when they're at school. Pretty simple stuff.

Anyway, I need to go and work out whether I breathe through my nose or my mouth. Later

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There is so much inequality in the world, and if we hope to change that, we have to start by levelling the playing field for children as they set out on their journey.

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Mission Accomplished  19 April 2021

Posted by: Matthew Cutts

Thank you all so very much for the generous donations. KidsCan is such a great cause. Providing a safe learning environment for children as they embark on their journey is absolutely essential, and I hope to do more work them in the future.

And Great News! Instead of going back to a sedentary, sofa-based existence as many predicted, I have in fact continued to run. Rest assured, I shall be draining every last ounce of reinforced foam from the new shoes this half marathon demanded.

Thanks again.


Thanks again.

Thank you again.

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Latest donations

Nick on 16 Apr 2021
Great work Matthew! Better late than never, right?
Matthew Cutts

Hi Nick, thanks so much for the kind donation. Hope to see you at some stage on Saturday at the concert. Cheers.

Matthew Cutts
Marshall on 12 Apr 2021
Well done Matthew for your efforts. I look forward to catching up again soon. Regards, Marshall
Hester on 11 Apr 2021
Matthew Cutts

Thank You my gorgeous wife!!! If you hadn't spent the morning annoying me by force feeding me bananas and protein bars I would've broken the 1 Hour 40 barrier. I still love you though!!! You're the best. xxx

Matthew Cutts
Drue on 11 Apr 2021
Run Forest run, play Cuddly Toy
Matthew Cutts

And Doctor Doctor!

Matthew Cutts
Mark on 11 Apr 2021
Good on you Mathew!...We are cheering for you xxx
Matthew Cutts

Cheers Man... Thank you guys so much... I made it! Might have to sign up for the Coast to Coast now!

Matthew Cutts

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