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The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki offers neglected and abused animals a safe haven, and a new chance at life.

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The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary operates according to animal rights principles and promotes animal liberation. Our work focuses on:

- Animal rescue and rehabilitation, caring for abused, injured, and neglected non-human animals, especially farm animals.

- Teaching compassion, educating New Zealanders about animal rights and protection.

- Rehoming selected animals, where possible, to loving forever homes.

- Offering a refuge where animals live in peace and security in the company of others of their kind.

At our vegan animal sanctuary in Ōtaki Forks, we care for around 150 rescued animals, including pigs, goats, sheep, roosters, geese, cows, horses, ducks, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits. We have rehomed lambs, sheep, chickens, cows, dogs and socialised wild kittens to loving permanent homes. The Black Sheep promotes animal care and compassion through many channels: social media, newsletters, stalls at community events such as Out in the Park, Vegan Vault, and Newtown Festival, sanctuary tours, the Opportunity for Animals op-shops and by working with other animal protection groups.

Every animal rescued is a symbol of hope and liberation.

More about us

The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary is a safe and sustainable space

for abused, injured and neglected animals.

We focus on farm animals and have around 200 furry friends.

We also teach compassion and try to educate people about animal and human rights.

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Helping Gherkin  7 July 2019

Posted by: Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

Many of you have met our cheeky pig Gherkin, who was found as a tiny piglet, alone and disoriented by the roadside in December 2017. A lively and mischievous soul, he quickly grew into a playful young adult.

Recently Gherkin started experiencing seizures, which is very distressing. Despite multiple vet visits, x-rays, and pain and anti-inflammatory medications, we still don’t have a definitive answer as to why he is unwell. We are determined to explore every avenue we can to protect his health, and thus we are planning to send him for a CT scan at Massey University. Unfortunately this comes with a significant cost at a time when winter feed bills are high.

You can help Gherkin by donating through Givealittle. Please just remember to reference ‘Gherkin’ when making a donation. Any contribution helps, no matter how small.

Thank you so much for your support. We'll be posting another update soon to let you know about Gherkin's progress. If you don't already receive our newsletter, please do sign up for it to get animal news, photographs, and invitations to sanctuary open days!

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