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A community where children and young people are safe strong and supported free from commercial sexual exploitation discrimination and harm.

  Auckland Child Welfare Food Poverty

Children and young people are swapping sex for food favours money and shelter inside of homelessness poverty and toxic family environments. We are making a stand to provide exit pathway strategies and need funding for research. As unquantifiable as it is, this research will provide us with an up to date critical lens of the Sth Auckland demographic which will inform the Model of Care to enable our Development Team of front line professionals to create the exit pathway strategies.(for all not just Sth Auckland) These programs will be designed for 10-14year olds and 15-17 year olds. Yes as young as that and it is happening on our NZ streets. It is a national issue and we envisage this development to be a template to address this one social issue adolescent sex workers. As specialists in underage sex work exit pathways our ultimate aim is for a non institutional residential home as a catalyst for transformation.

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Children and young people are on our NZ streets swapping sex for food, favours, money and shelter. As specialists in the one social issue underage sex workers we are providing exit pathway strategies to help these young people exit. Please help us to help them by providing alternative solutions to this underground pandemic.

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