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Protect Karangahake

  • Not even a 3-tonne boulder could stop us!

      7 September 2017
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    Our Rally for the Mountain on Saturday September 2nd was split in two, when a boulder smashed into SH2, closing the Gorge and separating rally-goers. About 150 people gathered at the Waikino Hall, and another 150 at the Karangahake Hall.

    We were amazed to have so many people show up, despite extreme circumstances, and SO many people getting turned away because of the rain and the Gorge closure.

    We had people turning up from Whakatane, Gisborne, Tauranga, and all over the Coromandel to show support for our mountain.

    We’ve had so much good feedback, with people feeling inspired and moved.

    On the Paeroa side of the Gorge, more than 150 people gathered on a footbridge crossing the main highway, holding banners. The gathering included karakia from local iwi representatives and guest speakers Green MP Catherine Delahunty and Green candidate for the Coromandel Scott Summerfield.

    MP Catherine Delahunty said she was impressed by the turnout.

    “This group represents an even greater number all across New Zealand who want conservation land protected.”

    “The fact that Karangahake, a sacred maunga lying deep in the heart of conservation land, is being opened up for mining is shocking and wrong.

    “It’s wonderful to see how many people were willing to turn up in the pouring rain to support this event, and we know there are thousands standing behind them who want to see the integrity of conservation land restored.”

    On the Waihi side of the Gorge, the second camp of rally-goers gathered in the Waikino Hall, and were treated to live music performance, food, coffee and speakers.

    We rounded off the day with a concert The Refinery, showcasing live art performance, film and music.

    Artist Dawn Tuffery made this awesome image, which captured the day beautifully!

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  • Where things are at on Mt Karangahake

      22 August 2017
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    In early June, New Talisman started their operations on Mt Karangahake. They have not yet triggered their 2 year resource consent, but have done major site works and preparations for it in the ensuing 3 months.

    We have been incredibly busy with a sustained program of direct actions, awareness raising, events, media, and advocacy to keep the pressure up and ultimately get New Talisman off this maunga.

    However, there are now generators, a ventilator system, a permanent site office, full underground communications, wifi, a second gate, security fencing around the entire perimeter, a digger, major timber piles, a full-time security presence, 16 mounted cameras, and the workers have already progressed hundreds of metres underground.

    ALL of this activity is taking place under the banner of prospecting, which is a so-called permitted activity under the Hauraki District Council’s district plan, apparently allowing 5kg samples to be taken from the mine.

    So what does that mean? It means the company have not triggered their 2 year resource consent yet, and so are not bound by the conditions that pertain to it. They can get all their preparation done for their bulk sampling without using up any of that 2 year period, or needing to have a Traffic Management Plan in place. It means the regulatory framework is utterly skewed in favour of mining, and not even sensitive, recovering conservation land is safe! We won’t have it!

    Once they start bulk sampling, New Talisman plan on taking 100,000 tonnes of ore per annum out of the mountain, over a 2 year period. And, according to them, that is just the beginning.

    We WON’T have it!

    Stand with us at our Rally for the Mountain on September 2nd, and say no to mining on conservation land!

    Then join us that evening for a fundraising Concert to Save Karangahake Mountain. See our website for all the details.

    Thank you so much for all the support!

    The PK team.

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