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  • closed

    Dental Treatment For Clarence

    Clarence needs treatment for a bad case of Feline Stomatitis, very red and swollen gums, bad breath and poor teeth.

    $512.50 donated


  • active

    Lonely Miaow's Rescue Centre

    The Lonely Miaow Association is working towards the goal of setting up a dedicated Rescue Centre in order to save more c...

    $110.00 donated

    Open goal

  • closed

    Recovery for our ill kittens

    Help us nurse these young, orphaned kittens back to health and fight Coccidiosis - a nasty parasitic infection!

    $320.00 donated

    Open goal

  • closed

    Scarlet's Eye Surgery

    Scarlet needs urgent attention with a Vet Eye Specialist for an abnormal eye, and may need her eye removed!

    $830.00 donated


  • closed

    Amber's tail surgery

    Amber was found with a tail injury that required amputation. This page is fundraising to cover the costs of her surgery...

    $530.00 donated


  • closed

    Get Ella to the Dentist!

    Ella, the affectionate black and white fluffy mumma to her three babies, is in need of your help!

    $380.00 donated


  • closed

    Help "Stumpy" Find a Name!

    We desperately need to cover our Vet bills right now! Have some fun at the same time by helping us find "Stumpy"'s new n...

    $940.00 donated


  • closed

    Buster needs all his teeth out!

    Feline Stomatitis has again affected one of our rescues, sadly this is all too common. Smoochy Buster needs to have all ...

    $500.00 donated


  • closed

    Stan needs all his teeth removed!

    The adorable Stan sadly has extreme gingivitis and needs all his teeth removed to live a happy, healthy life :(

    $500.00 donated


  • closed

    Luna URGENTLY needs your help!

    Luna has a broken jaw and needs to wear a muzzle and cone, and has to be fed through a feeding tube for 3 weeks.

    $2,050.00 donated


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