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Bishopdale Community Preschool

  • Update for 23/05/2014     23 May 2014

    What a fantastic start, thank you to all those donations we received within 24hrs of our first email. Please don't forget to spread the word, pass the link on to all your contacts and ask them to pass it on to their contacts. We just wanted to give you some more information about the project. We are working with a building company call Fusion Homes, who are really keen to build a ZERO energy building for us, that will be sustainable well into the future. They are asking all their building partners to give a little as well, so that we can keep the build costs down as low as possible. At present the estimated total build cost is $764,000. We have received some small grants of; $15,000 First Sovereign Trust $30,000 Pub Charities $10,000 Southern Trust And a large grant of $200,000 from the Ministry of Education. Our small community has also committed $161,000 to the build and another $139000 to cover all the other costs and to build a playground. As you can see we need your help to get us closer to the target so we can RAISE THE ROOF on this project. Our children and our community thank you all for your donations! SHARE! CARE! GIVE!!!

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