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We are Growing! Help us expand our outreach and help us reach our goal of a community hub to have pride in!

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Show love and support to our vulnerable communities of diverse sexual and gender identity! Let's fund affirming and fun spaces for our Queer/rainbow/LGBTIAQ+/Folks!

Waikato Queer Youth has been around and getting stuck in working alongside community change in the Waikato and on a national policy level since 2005! Our main focus has always been youth and youth services and empowering the communities around them to be safer and more just spaces to grow in.

We have slowly been expanding our services to work more with all ages and now have a service that provides Projects like:

* Beyond Binary: Our gender diverse specific support and advocacy group

* Big Qu's: A program for adults exploring their identities and seeking social support

* Supporting Your Person: Gain the skills and shared experience from other whaanau for supporting your loved ones.

* Where's WaQuY: Forget trying to come to the big city, we come to you! Empowering local communities to support youth in rural areas and social support for those that may be isolated.

* Inclusive Practices, Common Ground, Queer Korero, A Silver Rainbow: Helping Healthcare and mental health organisations be the right fit for you and empower them to support people of diverse gender and sexuality.

2021 and onwards is a year for support and connectivity, we are healing and growing from societal changes and challanges. We are keen to supercharge our next level of services and be able to help our community with needs such as:

* Queer Youth workers in schools

* Expand education services and accessibility

* Rainbow Families playgroup

* Housing, emergency accommodation and transitional housing

* Employment and Queer Business and creative expression growth

* Queer Elder support

* Expand services linked with our community hub and own safe space.

We work for and alongside the community and our growth has come from requests over the last few years from the community and we wouldn't be here today without the support of our friends of WaQuY or the young people who keep us going with their passion and our awesome community mentors!.

Keen to help out with a project or in kind support? Hit us up also!

More about us

Waikato Queer Youth is a non-profit organisation that runs from a space that is equipped with a growing resource library and and offers a safe and inclusive environment for youth drop-in and hosts regular social support groups for gender and sexuality diverse youth and their peers, a gender diverse and intersex group, and adult support groups for those coming out in later life. Additionally we develop and deliver custom education packages on gender and sexual diversity for various audiences, providing well-received professional development to professionals, healthcare practitioners, community groups, and schools.

Waikato Queer Youth (WaQuY) is focused on offering hope to youth who may otherwise be isolated, strive to empower spaces for young people to celebrate who they are, through positive, identity affirming community building, fun and friendships.

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