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Twins to the 4Caps: The Greenland Campaign

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$35,638 of $35,000 goal

Given by 83 generous donors in 7 weeks


We're taking on the world’s four largest ice caps.

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Hi there,

My name is Josh and thanks for taking the time to check out our campaign, the 4Caps Expedition.

What in the world?

My 22 year old twin brother Zac and I are going to be the first ever to ski across the world’s four largest ice caps; Greenland, the South Pole, Patagonia and the North Pole.

The first leg, the focus of this Spark My Potential page, is Greenland, a 25 day, 550km wee stroll from east to west of the icecap.

Why in the world?

We are following our dreams. We want to extend ourselves beyond anything we have done to date. We passionately believe we can do it but are under no illusions that it will be, at times, extremely difficult. Thus, we want to inspire others, particularly the youth of the nation that anything is achievable when you put in the hard yards.

To that end we have developed a schools programme that we will implement at upper primary school level focusing:

goal setting


the environment



What will your kind pledges be used for?

Basically we need a boat load of prime eye fillet steak to feed the polar bears so they don’t eat us! (Picky I know!)

Polar bears aside, an expedition this size requires the very best technical equipment and gear so we come back with all our fingers and toes. On top of this, the areas we are trying to reach are very remote. Your pledges will be used to pay for the travel logistics and equipment we need in Greenland.

Do you think I have missed out any information?

More information surrounding our Greenland leg and the entire campaign can be found on website

I encourage questions about our project, and my sanity, so fire away!

Now please, don’t keep those polar bears hungry, will you pledge to make tomorrow a better today?

We can offer you the good feeling that polar bears are getting the 5+ a day, and also the chance to be on board for a truly epic adventure. You will be able to enjoy the journey from the comfort of you warm arm chair!

As a backer of our project (big or small) you will become a part of our expedition. You will get exclusive progress updates via satellite phone, taking front row seats in the Greenland leg. You will be the first to know important events and issues faced, and join in the celebration when we knock the bugger off.

With a minimum donation of $25 bucks, we will plaster your name on the supporters page of our website and you will receive a digital photo via email of us proudly waving the silver fern flag on the Greenland icecap.

Each multiple of $25 bucks will give you an entry to the draw for us to do a talk in your home (more of an informal debrief) or a talk at the company you own or work for.

If you want to guarantee we come and speak with you and your team a $3,000 donation will do just that!

Josh Lyon's involvement (page creator)

My twin, Zac and I are the trekkers that will take on the ice caps. Behind the scenes we have Rob Hamill as our team director.

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Greenland Crossing Part II  30 October 2014

Posted by: Josh Lyon

I hope you enjoyed reading the first instalment of the twins journey across Greenland.

You can now continue the read. Amongst it you will learn how epic downhill skiing on the ice cap can be, discover whether chocolate beats noodles in the food hierarchy, if they drank 25 year old cocoa, hear about frostbite bum, learn the best place to put a beanie and much more so here’s part II -

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  • Jenna (Biv Welly)

    Jenna (Biv Welly) on 12 Aug 2014


    Sounds epic as! All the best guys :)


  • Holdfast

    Holdfast on 12 Aug 2014


    We are super impressed with you guys. To even dream of such a great challenge/adventure let alone take the first step - which is often the hardest - shows tremendous character.


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$35,638 of $35,000 goal

Given by 83 generous donors in 7 weeks

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