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Dunedin's Vegan Billboard.

Project page created in the Animals category by Jessica Strathdee for "Supporting a vegan world"

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Raising the funds to bring a pro-vegan message billboard to Dunedin!

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Here is a great chance to help people connect the dots around veganism and living in alignment with their values of peace and respect. What's better than convincing people to go vegan... reminding them that already believe in it's core message of compassion.

The money raised will pay for one month's rental of a billboard site in Dunedin which has the potential to reach over 8K people a day! (I will wait until the site with the highest visibility becomes available so bear with me, but a small wait will be worth the impact).

This billboard will encourage people to access the "Challenge 22" website where they will receive support and practical advice on a 22 day journey into veganism. Apparently it takes twenty one days to break a habit, with an extra day thrown in for good measure!

Already causing a stir on the streets of Wellington this billboard has the potential to go nationwide and create visibility for some of the most marginalised and forgotten beings on our planet, the animals.

Thank you for your support and it is my belief that the animals would thank you too!

(There is also a campaign running to bring this billboard to Christchurch so if you're feeling super generous or would like to split your donation between the two cities that would be awesome!)

Use of Funds:

The money will be spent on the one month rental of a Dunedin billboard site with the potential to reach upwards of 8K views a day.

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Jessica Strathdee


I was once a meat and dairy eating New Zealander who didn't question where her food came from. After living and working on a dairy farm and seeing for myself the reality of the lives of farmed animals I am now a passionate vegan. Where-ever possible I will stand up and speak for the millions of farmed animals being trapped, tortured and killed in New Zealand every minute. I now fight for the sentient beings I use to send to slaughter.

All funds raised benefit:

Supporting a vegan world

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jessica Strathdee on behalf of Supporting a vegan world.

  • $1,295.00 pledged
  • $1,800.00 target
  • 34 generous backers

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