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RESET is a Sci Fi series for kids about impending global environmental disaster, aliens, and a young Maori boy prophet who must be heard.

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  Auckland Arts Talented Kids Film

RESET is a high quality children’s sci-fi drama mini-series, with a broadcast television and online web series component, for the New Zealand and international markets. We have completed filming of the pilot web episode (see below) and we are working towards a funding deal with NZ on Air and a television broadcaster to produce the full series.

RESET is set in the present day in New Zealand. A disastrous global crisis arises as pollution takes its toll and a caretaker alien species arrives to ‘reset’ the Earth’s ecological balance.

In the series, a young Maori boy prophet and a group of children are the only ones who can decode the communications between the aliens and the planet, but no one will listen to them. World leaders opt for a military response instead. The series explores the breakdown of society as the planet is terraformed anew, leaving a small group of child survivors to start again.

The children in the show are quintessential kiwi kids, who have initiative and embody the practical ‘make do’, ‘can do’, number 8 fencing wire ingenuity and problem-solving approach that New Zealanders are renowned for. They’re resilient kids... who survive and thrive even when the going gets tough.

We are looking for an initial investment of $1000+ to cover some filming costs so that we can complete episodes 2 and 3 of the web series in August. Your money will help us pay for some special physical effect gelatinous puddles, a gigantic chalk crop circle (VFX) and we also need to hire a green screen room for half a day to film a hologram segment. We need to pay for some VFX of blue lights, colour grading, and audio post production work. We also need to pay for some sound and camera equipment rental for a two day shoot. This type of rental can be very expensive - around $460 per day for a camera. We have a good deal on two day usage, but we still need to find the money. The cost of all of this is more than $1000 but we're covering as many of our own costs as we can because we believe in RESET. Everyone on our cast and crew have donated their time to the project's pilot. However, we're falling short so anything that can be done to help us get this over the line, would be appreciated. If people's generosity goes beyond $1000 then we will be putting any additional funds towards other filming costs on Episodes 2 and 3 and pre-production costs for Episode 4. Watch this space :)

Girl Viking Ltd's involvement (page creator)

Tanya is the producer and screenwriter on the RESET project, but this is a project that has come together with the help of many committed and talented film professionals. Cast and crew have given up their time for free and we're trying to find ways to attract additional funds to this project so we can get it over the line. We plan a teacher and student resource pack for schools and school visits with cast if we can get the series finished.

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  • Chris Lambert

    Chris Lambert on 30 Jul 2015


    Good Luck with the project.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 30 Jul 2015



  • Multinesia

    Multinesia on 30 Jul 2015


    Kia kaha Tanya, cast and crew!


  • Sarah B

    Sarah B on 30 Jul 2015


    good luck!


  • Anita

    Anita on 30 Jul 2015


    Looking forward to the first season! xx


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$1,135 of $1,000 goal

Given by 17 generous donors in 15 days

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