Alternative, community, freedom social media platform project

$10 of $3,000 goal
Pledged by 1 generous supporter in around 6 months

Please help us to support this alternative, freedom oriented social media platform project.


A small team has been working on the “how” for over 18 months, piecing together a project for a professional grade social media platform.

Why - we consider mainstream platforms are censoring, pushing a narrative and suppressing alternative information. They are also tracking you, originally for adverts although now a lot more information from your access devices. Note: Meta own Facebook (R), Instagram(R) and Whatsapp(R) to name a few.

We’ve got a fully devised plan and budget, we’ve partner technologies ready to assist. Founders are kiwis (not American) and we’ve already spent in excess of $20k getting to this stage.

Social media is not cheap, despite it appearing to be free. We will host a free plan that largely meets a similar functionality of facebook(R) and a premium (small membership cost) that includes a lot more and rewards users for content and participation.

Unlike typical, mainstream social media - Social8 will include a helpdesk and will collect user feedback for new features. The founders are intent on this being a community project.

We have a website, a Facebook page and a Facebook group - and now a Givealittle page setup to receive PLEDGES. This means -> the pledge only becomes a donation if our target (phase one) budget is met.

You can read all about this project on our website, the plan, the features and more.

This is your chance to make a secure pledge where funds are only applied if the project receives enough support. We cannot validate without your participation and we welcome your valued input.

We have arranged a benefit should the pledge succeed. Please remember to share this page if you support the Social8 project. Thank you.

1) A donation of $140 will entitle the donor to a “lifetime premium” account. The first 20 will receive a “founders” profile badge and other benefits.

2) A donation of $99 will entitle the donor to one free year of full Premium (from project completion) and the secured right to renew at the same price.

3) A donation of $40 will entitle the donor to trial the platform for three months (full Premium) with 9 months reserved right to purchase a lifetime premium plan.

4) A donation of $20 will entitle the donor to a renewable discount coupon worth $20 per year or 10% per month (their choice).

5) A donation of $5 or more is appreciated. You will be notified of all progress we make.



Use of funds

All of the funds raised are for this specific project. Provided we meet our minimum goal, the project will be executed.

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Latest pledges

Lisa on 17 Feb 2022
Thank you for all your effort James Brien

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