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Drop Your Boss SkyJump 2016

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Drop Your Boss is a unique FUNdraiser which challenges our Corporate Partners to nominate their Boss to 'drop' off the top of a building.


In 2013 Drop Your Boss had its inaugural event in Marlborough when it was decided the organisation needed a unique and quirky fundraiser which would challenge the business community in a way that our programme kids are challenged daily.

The life experiences our youth face regularly are fraught with difficulties so in order to replicate that feeling of going out of their comfort zone, Drop Your Boss evolved. For a corporate partner 'Boss', to experience that moment as they are ‘dropped’ will help them better understand what our young people feel.

Our aim is to have our young people transition through our school based programmes from Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator ages 5 – 18 as a transformational journey that sets them up with a strong platform for adult life and a career.

A key part in the success of our programmes is based on challenging participants to change their perceptions of what they think they can achieve - which makes this unique and novel fundraising event a great fit.

Drop Your Boss is a part of a wider Graeme Dingle Foundation awareness campaign throughout the country enabling Boss's to actively support the Graeme Dingle Foundation transform young lives forever.

Graeme Dingle Foundation's involvement (page creator)

Drop Your Boss is the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage their own people in supporting the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

The wellbeing of New Zealand's young people is at the heart of the Graeme Dingle Foundation. We run sequential learning and mentoring programmes for young people aged 5 - 18 years. Through our programmes children and youth develop life skills, confidence and are empowered to find purpose and direction.

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Jesse on 29 Sep 2016    Jumping off the Sky Tower
Well done!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 29 Sep 2016    Jumping off the Sky Tower
Your Golf buddies
Your Golf buddies on 26 Sep 2016    Drop Your Boss SkyJump - Rosemary Hassan
More from the more mature golfers at Huapai Golf Club
Dean on 23 Sep 2016    Hemi Rolleston
Nigel & Adrienne
Nigel & Adrienne on 23 Sep 2016    Garry Mckenzie Drop your Boss
Glad this went well. Good luck with fundraising!

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This campaign started on 29 Jul 2016 and ended on 30 Sep 2016.
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