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NZ Armed Forces & Emergency Services ICN Bodybuilding & Fitness 2021 Competition

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27 Nov 2021

Help Te Kiwi Māia - The Courageous Kiwi by supporting your friends and family who are doing this awesome competition in fundraising for TKM.


Te Kiwi Māia is thrilled to be the chosen charity for this Bodybuilding & Fitness Competition on Saturday 27th November. Alongside ICN New Zealand and all the services.

The organisers from the event contacted Te Kiwi Māia to work out how else they can help raise awareness and also funds for the charity. An idea was for the competitors to help fundraise individually or in their service groups lead up to the competition.

This page has been set up for competitors to log their fundraising and drum up support from their family and friends.


Te Kiwi Māia Mission

Providing rehabilitation, recovery and respite to our people, who – as a result of their role in safeguarding and caring for New Zealanders – have physical or psychological injuries. We enable our people and their families to continue healthy, positive lives.

This will be achieved through the provision of facilities, equipment, services or assistance for the rehabilitation, recovery and care of such individuals, as well as their immediate families, who are in need.

Our aim is to establish a homestead and working farm designed and equipped to foster physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation and recovery; somewhere for those who have committed to our country, and who have been injured through their work, to recuperate and refresh. This will be achieved via the provision of a supportive and inclusive environment, professional assistance, access to a variety of services, and opportunities to participate in activities that promote mental wellness; such as pottery, cooking or yoga classes, building tuition, sports and fitness, or assisting on the farm.

Ultimately Te Kiwi Māia’s goal is to support and assist those whose role has been to safeguard and care for all New Zealanders, so they can continue healthy, positive lives.

Te Kiwi Māia’s Charitable Trust number is CC56958

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Wellness Week May 2022  2 June 2022

We have been planning for the past year our first wellness retreat where we take away some of our First Responders and NZDF personnel. With lots of help and advice from specialists, support from the organisations and fundraising we were able to take a group of 12 away last week to a gorgeous location for some much needed support and time out.

We are so thankful and blessed to these amazing people who look after us daily, and to be able to look after them is why we set up in the first place. Thank you St John, Fire and Emergency and the Royal New Zealand Navy for trusting us with your people.

Thank you also to our Give-a-Little supporters for your kind donations. We were able to put your funds towards this retreat, and we hope to be able to run another one before the end of the year.

To our Te Kiwi Māia Pioneers - thank you for leading the way, embracing the week and helping shape the support and services we will provide into the future. It is an honour to have you as part of our Te Kiwi Māia Family.

"For me this week was a godsend. I have been struggling like many others with maintaining positive mental wellbeing due to work stressors and have more recently been suffering the effects of burnout. This got me to a point where a month ago I couldn’t see how I could continue to be any part of this organisation without it destroying me or my family and was resigned to the fact that I would have to leave the organisation.

Attending the Te Kiwi Māia programme has had a truly profound effect on my physical and mental wellbeing that is hard to put into words.

I am now more positive towards change, feel more in control of my emotions and actions, more connected to loved ones, more resilient to trauma, more accepting of differences, a greater sense of self worth, and have had a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing.

I feel the happiest and healthiest I have been in a long time which has definitely been noticed by workmates and more importantly my whanau.

But best of all the week has taught me the warning signs when my wellbeing is regressing and effective tools and processes that with practice will help keep me well for years to come. " - TKM PIONEER

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Ronin on 24 Nov 2021    Fundraising
Bigger guns then me! Get it girl!!
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Guest Donor on 20 Nov 2021    Fundraising
Proud of you!! Can’t wait to see you on stage.
Kayla Holley

Thank you thank you thank you 🙏 ❤️

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Poufa on 18 Nov 2021    Fundraising
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