Strides for Syria

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27 Oct 2018

Raising money to help ReliefAid deliver life-saving assistance to families in Syrian war zones.


Since March 2011, Syria has been affected by ongoing conflict of an unprecedented scale in recent history. Over 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, and nearly 3 million of these are in hard-to-reach areas due to arbitrary restrictions on movement and insecurity. As such, families who have been displaced from their homes and communities continue to face unimaginable fear and uncertainty over their future.

Many of these people have fled into the northern Idlib region on the Turkish border, where they move into informal camps with little or no outside help. Essential materials - cooking sets, mattresses, blankets, shelter support, clothes and more - are in short supply.

ReliefAid, with our partners ShelterBox UK, is set to provide shelter and clothing assistance to 10,000 Syrians in these hard-to-reach areas in our upcoming distribution. These are people who would otherwise receive no assistance, because our dedicated Syrian team is willing and able to go where others cannot, or will not.

This fundraising event, hosted by the Auckland Grammar Distance Squad, will directly support families in these conflict zones. Students and other keen runners will be running on the 27th of October at Auckland Grammar School (more information will follow on specific details of the run). Furthermore, all money raised will go into the operational costs of the distribution, making every little donation count towards our goal.

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Guest Donor on 01 Nov 2018    Auckland Grammar - Strides for Syria
Well done guys!
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Guest Donor on 30 Oct 2018    Auckland Grammar - Strides for Syria
Good work guys, going to a good cause
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Guest Donor on 29 Oct 2018    Strides for Syria - Auckland Half Marathon edition
Ken moloney
Ken moloney on 28 Oct 2018    Auckland Grammar - Strides for Syria
Great work lads
Tony on 28 Oct 2018    Auckland Grammar - Strides for Syria

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